How to Stop your Mac from Sleeping (Guide 2022)

Are you looking for a precise method that allows you to stop your Mac from sleeping again and again? In this tutorial, you will get everything you need to know!

The Auto sleeping feature of the Mac is great when it comes to battery life saving and provides long-lasting screen time to the users. But, it can likewise be a double-edged sword that can disrupt your smooth experience by automatically shutting the screen.

You didn’t want the screen to turn off automatically while reading some important files or reading a book online. Or the default screen time can impact the overall usage. No need to be hassled by all of these problems and head straight to the solutions.

In the following section, you will receive diverse ways to stop your Mac from sleeping. Now, let’s grasp what is the primary working of the Sleep Mode inside the Mac OS and what it can do.

What is Sleep Mode on Mac?

The Sleep Mode on Mac is a brilliant feature as it allows the operating system to take a break by hiding the content present on the Mac OS screen. But on the other hand, it doesn’t stop the crucial task that is running the Mac OS for a while.

Unlike the complete shutdown, the sleep mode works in a different method that allows users to set screen time duration, in case you are not applying any commands. Once the screen time runs out, the screen will automatically shut down.

But, it will stay active behind the scene and all the minor functions will take place. When you press any key, everything will be ready to work immediately. Usually, the settings authorize users to put the screen time from one minute to three hours.

Initially, the screen will go dime after a few minutes, and eventually, the black screen will start to appear. But, sometimes it can be annoying as you have to re-login to the account. So, let’s check different ways to stop your Mac from Sleeping.

Different Ways to Stop the Mac From Sleeping

There are three different ways from which you can stop your Mac from sleeping issues, and you can easily fix it! Here’s, the list!

  • Using System Preferences options.
  • Disable the Sleep mode using Apps.
  • By applying Terminal commands.

Using System Preferences

You can utilize the System Preferences menu to access the essential files and get right of the Sleep mode time limits once for all. Without any further ado, let’s see the steps.

  • Tap on the Apple Menu button present on the left corner of the Mac.
  • Following this, you have to click on the System Preferences options.
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  • Inside the battery app, you have to select the Power Adapter section.
  • Tick Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off.
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Note: The below steps apply to the laptop. You can access Power Adapter tab present at the top side of the Window. You can also reach the Battery tab modify settings.

Turn Off Sleep Mode using Apps

You can turn off Sleep Mode using various third-party apps. You can set specific formats to put the Mac on the Sleep mode. Now, let’s check the list of the apps.

  • Amphetamine
  • Owly
  • AntiSleep or Sleep Control Center
  • Lungo
  • KeepingYouAwake
  • Wimoweh


Amphetamine is the best app for solving how to stop your Mac from sleeping issues. It offers a diverse range of traits and triggers that allows you set the screen sleep time.

Besides this, you can also set default session duration according to your requirement and enable/disable trigger whenever you want to sleep on the Mac to screen saver.

Features of Amphetamine:

  • Immersive customization attribute and different notification tunes.
  • Modify the screen saver settings accurately.
  • Get notification running application behind the scenes.
  • Ad-free interface experience with no in-app purchase.


Owly app can also use to select the sleeping preference of the Mac, you can change them according to your wish and get maximum productivity for daily assignments.

Moreover, this application will stop your Mac from sleeping, while you have various options to choose the sleep time. Further, it grants some extra custom features.

Features of Owly:

  • Easy to use and Clean interface make everything simple.
  • Fewer CPU resources are being used.
  • User will know how many time lift for Sleep mode.
  • There’s no hidden charge included and free to use.

AntiSleep or Sleep Control Center:

The Sleep Control Center software is thoroughly dedicated to stopping your Mac from sleeping, and you can manage or stop them according to the conditions of the app.

With this app, you can set timers based on some strong parameters and pre-defined conditions to activate the screen for various events that happen in the Mac interface.

Features of Sleep Control Center:

  • The app supports the Apple script and offers a silent mode.
  • Different triggers for accessing Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, closed lid, etc.
  • Deactivate the Mac according to System Sleep, Display Sleep, etc.
  • You can wake various things like Audio, System display, Wi-Fi, etc.


Like other apps, Lungo also helps in creating small sessions for the display. You can customize the screen time to sleep the Mac according to your daily task need.

With this app, you can modify the screen time from 10 minutes to 3 hours with one click. You didn’t need to enter into the Battery Saver app anymore, just use this app.


The KeepingYouAwake software is precisely designed so that it performs awake or stops your Mac from sleeping. Besides this, it can also be compatible with desktops.

You can add a custom preset for a specific time, and you can also stop the application when the battery is low due to the performance threshold during the usage.

Features of KeepingYouAwake:

  • One-click to stop your Mac from sleeping.
  • You can pre-determined activate duration.
  • Precisely support the Retina display.
  • Supports macOS Big Sur and offer Dark Mode.


Wimoweh is a great app that allows users to view the different processes that happen in MacOS. With this, you can determine which process stops sleep mode.

It checks different phenomena that make the Mac screen stop sleeping and you can change the awake settings, set timers, create a schedule sleeping mode, etc.

Features of Wimoweh:

  • The app presents an alert for stopping the sleeping and shows the reason why.
  • You can set the Mac to awake while a particular process is running.
  • The app permit users to stay awake on the screen depending on the system.
  • You can schedule time for sleep mode as well.

Using Terminal

The Terminal commands come handly in a different situation. As such a situation also appears when you want to temporarily stop your Mac from sleeping mode.

All you need to run a few commands and you will stop the screen go into sleep mode without any problem. But, it will work until the Terminal is active on the screen.

  • First of all, you have to launch the Terminal command prompt app.
  • Inside the app, you have entered Caffeinate and press Enter.
  • There won’t be any specific changes until you close the Terminal app.
  • In case, you exit to the next window, a pop-up notification will appear.
  • It will ask you to weather close the app or not.
  • If you Closed the app. Sleep mode will work according to the Energy Saver app settings.

That’s it! With this guide, you have attained three methods from which you can stop your Mac from Sleeping. You can even use third-party applications to schedule sleep.

Sometimes the Bluetooth stops working properly on the Mac, you can also fix it from system preference and terminal commands. Now, let’s move toward FAQ!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- How to schedule sleep on Mac?

1. Tap on the Apple logo and then System Preferences.
2. Access the Battery Saver app.
3. Select the Schedule option.
4. Two checkboxes will appear, i.e, Sleep and Startup or wake.
5. Set time and day for awake or sleep for Mac.
6. Lastly, click on OK to finish.

Q- How to stop your Mac from sleeping when you close the lid?

 1. Go to the System Preferences option.
2. Enter into the Battery app.
3. Access the Power Adaptor.
4. Move the Slider to Never.
5. Disable the Automatic sleep option.

Q- How to connect with Bluetooth on Mac?

Ans. First of all, click on the Apple menu, and then, enter in the system preferences options. Select Bluetooth, Turn on the device, pick any device you want to connect.

Q- What is Sleep mode on Mac?

Ans. When you are not working with the Mac, the battery saver app has a specific time limit that can shut down the screen. You can time limit from ten min to never.

Q- What are the third-party software to allow scheduled sleep mode on Mac?

Ans. There is a handful of software that can provide scheduled sleep mode on Mac. But, if you are looking for the best, check the Sleep control center & Wimoweh.

Last thoughts:

In this post, we have covered everything from the reason why sleep mode works and how to stop your Mac from sleeping with different methods and third-party apps.

Besides this, if you are still getting issues stopping sleep mode on Mac, do let us know in the comment section. We will solve your queries ASAP and grant great relief.

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