Sydney Sweeney’s Abs And Butt Are Next-Level Sculpted In A New Bikini Photo

Winter? For Sydney Sweeney, it’s like it doesn’t even exist. The 25-year-old star, best known for her role in Euphoria, has been so immersed in ocean escapades that the chill of March has barely registered. Just recently, she was spotted by photographers in Australia, where she’s working on an upcoming project. In the captured images, Sydney is seen sporting a stunning white bikini as she enjoys the ocean waves. Needless to say, the swimwear perfectly showcases her incredibly toned physique. In summary, Sydney appears to be radiating happiness, strength, and an overall glow.

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If you’ve missed this sun-soaked moment, photographers have indeed caught the blissful event on camera.

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Sydney is no stranger to fabulous bikini moments. The actress, who also gained fame for her role in White Lotus, has recently joined forces with Frankies Bikinis for a fresh swimwear line. Sydney revealed her comfort level with such attire in an interview with ELLE. “Being by the water is like second nature to me, and I’ve always felt at ease in a bikini. If I wasn’t swimming in freshwater or saltwater, you’d find me skiing or trying my hand at surfing,” she stated.

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To amp up the anticipation for her swimwear line, scheduled for release on March 14, Sydney has posted teaser pictures on Instagram, showcasing a few pieces from the upcoming collection.


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