The announcement is made by a grieving Tom Hanks.

Tom Hanks, a legendary actor in Hollywood, was depressed by the passing of Mehran Karimi Nasseri on Wednesday. Hanks gave him a moving homage after his passing.

Iranian immigrant Mehran set up residence in the Charles de Gaulle Airport’s departure area after misplacing his refugee passport and having his request to enter France rejected.

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He served as the model for the 2004 movie “The Terminal,” which starred Tom Hanks as an Eastern European guy forced to live in the terminal of John F. Kennedy Airport, after being refused entry into the United States.

Tom posted a picture of Mehran in an airport scene alongside an advertisement for the movie The Terminal, which also starred Catherine Zeta-Jones, on his Facebook page.
In a heartfelt farewell to his friend, the actor who played Forrest Gump remarked, “Charles de Gaulle’s Mehran Karimi Nasseri, better known as Alfred, passed away lately and we are grieved to learn of his death.” He remarked, “The airport isn’t too awful. The only one who truly understood the concept was Mehran. Hanx.”

Tom’s article received over 21,000 likes in less than a quarter-hour despite not allowing comments and having the remark option deactivated.

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After misplacing his papers and unintentionally shipping them to Belgium, Mehran was left with no choice but to reside in the airport because he had nowhere else to go. He had intended to seek asylum in the UK after being kicked out of Iran for taking part in demonstrations. Even yet, Sir Alfred Mehran was his name.

He resided at the airport from 1988 to 2006. He required medical assistance, so in 2006, authorities forcibly removed him from the airport. Before being transferred to a homeless shelter in Paris, he first spent some time at a hotel.

After a while Mehran went back to living in the airport. Unfortunately, he had a heart attack there, and this past Saturday, at the age of 76, he passed away.

He spent much of his life studying economics in the airport’s departure area, where he also regularly received meals from passing passengers.

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