The bizarre ritual that had attendees wearing white hooded outfits at Kanye West’s Sunday Service – see it to believe it!

Kanye West has introduced a fresh concept for his Sunday Service, featuring attendees dressed in unconventional white hooded attire and partaking in a unique dining experience at tables resembling autopsy platforms. Interestingly, the rapper himself was absent from this occasion as he celebrated his 46th birthday with an extravagant party where sushi was served on nude women.

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Initial glimpses into the new weekly Christian service reveal various alterations, ranging from the outfits to the cuisine. The most striking change was the adoption of all-white robes by guests and choir members, which bore a resemblance to the attire seen in the television series “The Handmaid’s Tale.” However, the most peculiar transformation was the serving of food, with salmon and steak arranged on silver furniture that eerily resembled autopsy tables. Utensils were nowhere to be found, leaving guests to eat with their bare hands.

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Kanye initiated the Sunday Service Choir in January 2019 and has since been organizing these weekly gatherings. Meanwhile, criticism has surfaced on social media following the unveiling of the sushi-covered, naked women at his 46th birthday party, attended by his daughter North West and his alleged “wife” Bianca Censori.

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During the surprise Birth-Ye party in Los Angeles, California, on Saturday night, Kanye’s nine-year-old daughter and his reported partner, aged 28, were seen walking hand-in-hand. However, the emergence of a video depicting a nude woman adorned with Japanese cuisine on a table drew disapproval from some online fans. One disgruntled individual wrote, “That is so misogynistic, omg,” while another questioned the appropriateness of such a display in the presence of his daughter. Concerns were raised about the contradiction between these festivities and any future sermons on Jesus Christ and moral values.

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At the event, Bianca appeared stylish in a long black coat and black boots, while North opted for a more casual ensemble—a sweatshirt and bike shorts paired with boots from her father’s shoe line. The two important figures in Yeezy’s life shared an endearing moment, holding hands and strengthening their bond. Although North appeared to have unsettling, bloodied wounds on the side of her face, sources clarified that it was merely special effects makeup.

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Within the celebration, sushi and sashimi were served on the bodies of naked women, a practice known as nyotaimori in Japan. North’s makeup, despite its realistic appearance, was skillfully applied. As the eldest child of Kim Kardashian, 42, and the renowned Gold Digger artist, she frequently exhibits her talent for special effects makeup on TikTok, showcasing her ability to create wounds, scars, and wrinkles. Recently, her creativity was highlighted on an episode of “The Kardashians,” where she used prosthetics and a wig to transform her mother into an unrecognizable figure to her security guard and children’s nanny.

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Amidst the star-studded gathering, a DJ played Kanye’s chart-topping hits while sushi chefs presented delicacies on trays balanced atop the torsos of topless models situated on the tables. The venue was dimly lit, with candles providing the primary source of illumination. A fan captured a moment of Kanye lip-syncing to his own song, “Off The Grid,” while his daughter filmed him and Bianca observed.

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The Flashing Lights rapper donned a black t-shirt and black pants as he joyfully danced with his daughter outside the venue. Notably absent from the event were Kanye’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, and her family.


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