The Crown is Hers: Scarlett Johansson Surpasses Emma Stone to Become 2018’s Queen of Earnings

The Crown is Hers: Scarlett Johansson Surpasses Emma Stone to Become 2018’s Queen of Earnings

Scarlett Johansson ascends to the pinnacle of Forbes’ roster of the globe’s highest-earning actresses for 2018, securing her reign with significant earnings advancement compared to the previous year.

The esteemed publication reveals that Johansson witnessed a fourfold increase in her income from 2017, amassing $40.5 million this annum, primarily attributable to her portrayal of Black Widow in the Avengers series. This financial triumph signifies her overtaking of the previous year’s income leader, Emma Stone, who, interestingly, did not secure a position in this year’s top ten.

Securing the second rank on Forbes’ esteemed list is Angelina Jolie, accumulating $28 million, with her forthcoming role in Maleficent 2 contributing substantially to her income.

The revered Jennifer Aniston claims the third position, accumulating $19.5 million predominantly from her associations and promotional ventures with brands like Smartwater, Aveeno, and Emirates airlines. Jennifer Lawrence is closely trailing Aniston, occupying the fourth position with earnings of $18 million.

Residing at the fifth position on Forbes’ illustrious list is Reese Witherspoon, accumulating $16.5 million, credited partly to her roles in ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ and the anticipated next season of ‘Big Little Lies 2’. Mila Kunis is not far behind Witherspoon, earning $16 million, and joining them in the top ten are renowned names like Julia Roberts, Cate Blanchett, Melissa McCarthy, and Gal Gadot.

To explore the entire compilation of accomplished actresses, a visit to Forbes’ official site is recommended. The variety and extent of earnings reflect not only the diverse revenue streams available to today’s leading actresses but also their capability to resonate with audiences worldwide through varied roles and endorsements. This list is a testament to their enduring appeal and substantial impact on both the film industry and global pop culture.

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