The Dark Secrets of Pop’s Icon: Michael Jackson’s Molestation Trial Takes Center Stage

The late pop icon Michael Jackson will posthumously face allegations of child molestation involving choreographer Wade Robson, according to recent revelations.

The California Court of Appeal has paved the way for Robson to present his case. He alleges that Jackson sexually abused him at the Neverland Ranch when he was aged between 7 and 14.

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The crux of the matter is that Robson is pursuing a lawsuit against Michael Jackson’s corporation, MJJ Productions, Inc. Lawyers representing Jackson’s corporation maintained that the company bore no legal responsibility to safeguard Robson or any other person from Jackson, arguing they had no capacity to control his actions.

While the trial court accepted the Estate’s argument, the Court of Appeal held a different view. Based on a preliminary ruling, which is typically upheld, the case is slated to return to trial.

Robson alleges that he was subjected to sexual abuse by Jackson when he migrated to the U.S. from Australia as a young child, with Jackson becoming his friend.

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During Jackson’s 2005 trial for allegedly molesting another child, Robson testified that he shared a bed with the singer but denied any inappropriate behavior. He altered his account in 2013, instituting legal proceedings against the company. He stated his earlier testimony supporting Jackson was influenced by “total manipulation and brainwashing.”

In a parallel development, another man, James Safechuck, has launched a similar lawsuit against MJJ Productions, which is also currently under consideration by the Court of Appeal. Today’s preliminary ruling suggests that Safechuck will likely have his allegations heard in court.

Insiders connected to the MJJ Productions legal team have disclosed to TMZ that the ruling is unrelated to the merits of the case, and they are confident they will triumph in the trial.

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