The Incredible Awakening: Influencer Jackie Miller James is Back, and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

The family of popular social media figure, Jackie Miller James, has offered a fresh report on her health status following her medically induced coma due to a brain aneurysm rupture when she was at the full term of her pregnancy.

In a recent update from her family, Jackie Miller James is now conscious after previously being in a medically induced coma due to a severe brain injury that happened when she was pregnant. They also reported that she has been brought together again with her newborn daughter.

On July 2, her family disclosed more about her situation, a considerable time after the influencer experienced an aneurysm rupture during the 39th week of her pregnancy, expecting her first child with husband, Austin. A GoFundMe campaign was established for her, as the sudden crisis caused extreme bleeding that resulted in doctors performing an immediate C-section to protect the baby, as well as five neurosurgeries on the 35-year-old.


“Incredible news to relay, your fervent prayers for Jackie are indeed making a difference!” the July 2nd Instagram update on Jackie’s account expressed. “Jackie is now conscious and has recently been transferred to a top-rated neurological rehabilitation hospital in the nation. The medical team has expressed satisfaction with her latest examinations, readings, and assessments, pointing out that Jackie is surpassing expectations at this phase of her recovery and is making significant improvements each day.”

The family continued by stating that “despite Jackie’s impressive progress, the path to full recovery remains tremendously long.”

After her emergency C-section, Jackie’s newborn was put in her arms while she was still in a coma, a touching moment captured in a photograph shared on her GoFundMe page. The baby girl was then admitted to the NICU for a span of 12 days.

“Jackie & Austin’s little girl is a beacon of joy for the entire family, blossoming into a lively, healthy, and charming little angel,” the family’s message added. “Jackie was recently reunited with her baby and she enjoys spending a significant part of each day with her whole family while still in the hospital.”

The family ended their post by noting that “from this point forward, Jackie will be the one providing further updates on her condition across her social media channels (in her own distinctive style) whenever she feels ready.”

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