The incredible moment Kelsea Ballerini was struck: You won’t believe your eyes

In an increasing trend of concerts becoming hazardous for performers, country music star Kelsea Ballerini is the latest artist to fall victim. She was struck in the face by an object believed to be a bracelet, thrown by an audience member during her live performance, compelling her to withdraw momentarily from her microphone.

The incident unfolded at Outlaw Field in Boise on a Wednesday night, which resulted in Ballerini’s head snapping back visibly.

Videos circulating on social media platforms depict Ballerini pulling away from the crowd to attend to her injuries. The severity of her injuries, however, remains uncertain.

In the midst of the incident, Ballerini’s violinist rushed to her side to check on her, scrutinizing her condition before continuing with the performance without interruption. All the while, Ballerini, her back turned to the audience, continued strumming her guitar, before exiting the stage in what appeared to be a distressed state.

Ballerini eventually made her way back to the stage, delivering a plea for fans to refrain from hurling objects, before launching into her subsequent song. It is yet to be determined if any punitive action was taken against the individual responsible for the disruption. Efforts to obtain clarification from local law enforcement remain unanswered.

This alarming incident follows a recent string of violent episodes targeting artists. Earlier this month, pop singer Bebe Rexha experienced a similar encounter while performing in New York City, after an attendee threw his mobile phone at her.

Rexha required stitches to seal a gash above her left eye resulting from the incident. The individual responsible for the attack was subsequently apprehended and charged with assault.

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