The Inspiring Story Behind Amanda Nunes’ Rise to G.O.A.T Status

Amanda Nunes, renowned in the world of mixed martial arts, holds a strong belief in her own supremacy as the greatest fighter of all time. However, she remains unperturbed if others hold a different opinion about her accolades.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, the 35-year-old Nunes, who is preparing for her comeback at UFC 289 as the main event, was asked to name the greatest fighter in history. Without hesitation, Amanda boldly proclaimed, “Me.”

Undoubtedly, this question is subjective and lacks a definitive answer. With Jon Jones moving up to the heavyweight division and effortlessly dominating Ciryl Gane, many fight enthusiasts, including UFC President Dana White, have bestowed the title of “greatest” upon “Bones” Jones.

Among the contenders for this prestigious title are Khabib Nurmagomedov, Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson, Georges St-Pierre, and, of course, Amanda Nunes herself.

Amanda, who reclaimed her belt by defeating Julianna Pena in July, is set to face Irene Aldana, also 35 years old, in a highly anticipated bout in Vancouver. When asked if retirement has crossed her mind, considering her numerous accomplishments in the sport (including being a double champ and defeating the likes of “Cyborg,” Ronda Rousey, and Valentina Shevchenko), Nunes promptly dismissed the idea.

The reason for her unwavering commitment lies in the sheer enjoyment she derives from the fight itself and the process of preparation. Amanda expresses, “I want to continue doing this because it gives me life, keeps me sharp, and fuels my competitive spirit. I can’t envision anything beyond this fight. So, I’ll go through this, bring my belt back home, and promptly move on to the next challenge.”

Turning the conversation to Irene Aldana, we had the opportunity to speak with her as well. Aldana is determined to prevent the title from returning to Florida with Nunes and is far from content with merely sharing the Octagon with her formidable opponent. Her objective is clear—she aims to emerge victorious.

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Drawing inspiration from her teammate, fellow Mexican fighter Alexa Grasso, who triumphed over dominant champion Valentina Shevchenko to claim the belt, Aldana firmly believes that she too can achieve the seemingly impossible.

“I’ve learned so much from Alexa, and I admire how she handled everything. The entire world doubted her and didn’t give her a chance, yet she proved them wrong.”

It is worth noting that Grasso was a significant underdog, just as Aldana is in this upcoming fight. Nevertheless, Grasso defied the odds, and Irene is determined to follow suit.

“The fact that Grasso won the belt is a tremendous motivation for me.”

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