The Loss of Jennifer Aniston’s “Sweet Papa” Mr. John Aniston

On November 14, Jennifer Aniston posted a heartfelt message and photos to Instagram about the death of her closest friend and confidant.

Her followers were stunned to learn of her undying love for him from the note, which she posted to Instagram on November 14.

image 110
Jennifer Aniston paid tribute to her father John Aniston, who died on Nov. 11.  

People’s hearts sank when they heard the news, especially since Jennifer had recently lost her mother and was so close to the person she had lost this time.

What she posted was as follows:

John Anthony Aniston, my “sweet papa,” you were one of the most stunning people I’ve ever met. I’m relieved to know you were able to soar to the stars without fear or discomfort. Not to mention on November 11th! Timing was never an issue for you. With the addition of the words “I’ll love you till the end of time,” that number has taken on an even deeper significance in my heart.

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It’s a major setback for Jennifer, and we’re thinking about her and her family a lot because we know how challenging it is to go through a challenging period of life.

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