The Secret Surrogate Delivery: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Welcome Their Bundle of Joy

Just half a year after welcoming their daughter Esti, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are now the proud parents of a new baby boy, Wren, who arrived via a surrogate.

The family of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen is blossoming once more. The author of Cravings and the renowned crooner of “All of Me” have just brought a new baby boy into the world through surrogacy, a child they’ve named Wren Alexander Stephens.

Joining his sister Esti, born only five months prior, and his older siblings Luna, 7, and Miles, 5, Wren is the latest addition to the thriving Stephens family.

Chrissy shared the exciting news of Wren’s arrival on Instagram on June 28, revealing her lifelong aspiration to have four kids. “Ever since I was a kid, I would pretend my glow worms and cabbage patch dolls were my four children,” she reminisced, “Every night, we’d sleep together, each one getting an equal share of kisses, so none would feel left out.”

She fondly remembered her mother’s quest to find a Pound Puppy toy with four puppies in its pouch, even going as far as to peek inside before buying. She then touched on the tragic loss of their son Jack in 2020 due to pregnancy complications. Chrissy admitted, “After Jack’s death, I wasn’t sure I could carry another child. That period remains a blur to me, but I distinctly recall the support of those around me who helped me avoid experiencing such pain and loss again.”


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The couple began their surrogacy journey in 2021, initially thinking about employing two surrogates concurrently for a boy and a girl, which Chrissy humorously referred to as “sort of twins.”

Early into their surrogacy process, Chrissy had expressed her desire to John about giving natural pregnancy “one more shot,” and so they resumed their IVF journey. “We created new embryos and carried out the transfer,” she said. “We were overjoyed to find out it worked—we were expecting our little girl, Esti.”

During this period, they found a “kind-hearted surrogate” named Alexandra. After the first attempt with Alexandra did not succeed, they took a break before giving it another shot. Chrissy revealed, “As I was safely progressing in my own pregnancy, we were thrilled to find out that Alexandra was pregnant with our baby boy. Our very own little boy.”

Celebrations included sharing hot pot meals and watching Vanderpump Rules, blending their families together over the past year. “Just before midnight on June 19th, I witnessed the awe-inspiring sight of Alexandra, my friend and surrogate, bringing our son into the world amidst a bit of chaos but filled with strength, joy, and love,” Chrissy shared.


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She then expressed her gratitude to Alexandra for the “wonderful gift” of Wren, revealing that his middle name, Alexander, was chosen in her honor.

“Our hearts, and our home, are now complete,” Chrissy concluded. “And to our dear Jack, we know the angel kisses they receive are from you.”

John also took to Instagram on June 29 to share the exciting news with their followers, posting several images of their newborn son. “Wren Alexander Stephens,” he captioned, “our new bundle of joy.”

Just a few months earlier in February, John had opened up about how Luna and Miles were adapting to their new baby sister, Esti. He confessed to E! News correspondent Courtney Lopez, “Initially, we were apprehensive about their reaction, fearing a bit of jealousy with Chrissy being pregnant.”

“But as soon as Esti was born,” he added, “they couldn’t contain their excitement and love. They’ve been nothing but caring and affectionate toward her. It’s truly a joy to see.”

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