The Shocking Reason Taylor Swift Said ‘No’ to Meghan Markle’s Podcast

In a swift display of refusal, renowned singer Taylor Swift declined an invitation to feature on Meghan Markle’s now-defunct podcast. This information came to light following a letter from the Duchess of Sussex to Swift, as reported by a news source.

The Wall Street Journal, which broke the news, highlighted the fallout between Spotify and Markle when they were unable to agree on launching a second podcast season earlier this month. Markle’s personalized invitation to Swift was turned down via Swift’s representative, according to the publication.

The Wall Street Journal also delved into the struggles faced by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in creating successful content and shows for Netflix under their production banner, Archewell. Despite being based in the media hub of Los Angeles, the couple’s venture hasn’t made significant waves apart from their own personal narratives.

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Among their less successful ventures was an animated children’s series, “Pearl,” which was scrapped by Netflix. Sources close to the project divulged this to the newspaper. The streaming giant also passed on at least two other show ideas from the couple in the past year.

People close to the matter revealed to the Journal that Netflix does not intend to extend Harry and Meghan’s contract, which is due to end in 2025.

Spotify and Netflix were reportedly dissatisfied with the pair’s output, as noted by sources familiar with the streaming companies’ views.

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The show ideas proposed by Harry and Meghan were deemed too close to existing successful Netflix programs and were subsequently declined, according to the Journal.

The couple did find success with Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” and a documentary about their departure from the Royal Family that aired on Netflix.

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In response to these reports, a representative for Archewell said to the Journal, “New enterprises frequently experience changes during their formative phase, in personnel and strategy, and we are no different. We’re better prepared, more determined, and more energetic than ever.”

A Netflix representative purportedly noted that they value their relationship with Archewell and intend to continue working on joint projects.

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