They Adopted a Dying Dog and What They Did Next Will Melt Your Heart

Sarah Lauch and Kelly Michael became the guardians of Roosevelt, a 5-year-old canine diagnosed with terminal bone cancer, after discovering him at Chicago Animal Care and Control. Although Roosevelt’s early years remain a mystery, Sarah is adamant about making his forthcoming months unforgettable.

It was Kelly who reached out to Sarah, a Comcast executive producer, suggesting they care for Roosevelt, affectionately called “Roo.”

Both decided, “We’ll give him the most memorable six months ever.”

To ensure that, they created a bucket list for Roosevelt and captured his journey, sharing it online with the hashtag #LiveLikeRoo, inspiring others to embark on adventures with their furry friends.

They made every effort to fulfill Roo’s wishes – from therapeutic massages to his favorite treats like ice cream from Tastee Freeze. They even allowed him to relish a meaty meal, something Kelly was initially unsure about.

A visit to Starved Rock State Park showed just how spirited Roo was. “During our Starved Rock trip, he energetically led us for about three kilometers,” Kelly shared. “Always eager, always ahead. It’s hard to believe he’s battling a disease.”

Roo’s journey has resonated with many, garnering nationwide attention.

“We hope everyone learns about Roo and the joy he brings,” said Lauch. Many have expressed how the duo’s efforts with Roo have motivated them to cherish moments with their pets, valuing every day as if it were the last.

“People might think we’re constantly heartbroken,” Lauch reflected. “But Roo, like most dogs, picks up on our emotions.”

As for Roosevelt’s future? Sarah and Kelly are embracing every moment, not knowing what tomorrow might hold for their resilient furry friend.

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