This Dog Was Left Tied To A Pole — You Won’t Believe His Heartwarming Reaction to the Cop Who Shows Up

Officer Angela Laurella responded to a call concerning two dogs left chained on a secluded lane in Pompano, Florida.

The timeline of the dogs’ abandonment remained unclear as there was a lack of surveillance cameras nearby. But with the scorching heat of over 100 degrees, Officer Laurella knew immediate action was imperative.

Upon her arrival, she encountered a frail gray dog, barely able to move due to the tightness of his chain.

Amy Roman, the head of 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida, shared with The Dodo, “The leash restraining him was incredibly short. Every contour of his skeletal structure was visible due to malnutrition and dehydration.”

When Officer Laurella approached, the dog, subsequently named Liam, extended his paw and lowered his head as if pleading for rescue. Roman described the poignant moment, saying, “She approached him gently, and in a vulnerable moment, he handed over his paw, almost communicating, ‘Can you help me escape this?’”

For those interested, the rescue video is available here:

Realizing the hardships Liam had faced, Officer Laurella reached out to the rescue team at 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida. Even with their resources stretched thin, Roman willingly welcomed Liam.

Now, under Roman’s care after numerous visits to the veterinarian, Liam, a 17-pound pocket bulldog, is on a gradual path to recovery, relishing meals he probably never had before.

“He’s constantly showered with love,” expressed Roman. “He’s on a regular feeding schedule, and our dedicated volunteers are providing him meals like boiled chicken and rice.”

Although Liam’s healing journey involves many more vet visits, his resilience and cheerfulness are inspiring.

“His heart is full of love and forgiveness, irrespective of the adversities he’s faced,” noted Roman. “That in itself speaks volumes about his character.”

Sadly, Liam represents just one of the many pets in Florida recently forsaken or given up by their owners.

In the wake of overflowing shelters, Roman urges pet owners to explore shelter assistance and resources before concluding they can’t support their animals. Liam’s story underlines the belief that every dog is entitled to a fresh start.

Against all odds, Liam’s continual reach for human connection illustrates his readiness to be embraced by a caring household.

Roman reflected, “Dogs like Liam offer profound lessons for humanity. His story indeed rekindles hope.”


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