This Hollywood star just unleashed her fury over shocking allegations. Find out why Megan Fox says you messed with the wrong witch

Over the past weekend, Megan Fox, known for her role in the Transformers movies, strongly criticized conservative commentator Robby Starbuck via social media. This followed Starbuck’s assertion that Fox’s sons experienced emotional distress due to being “compelled” to dress in female clothing.

Starbuck, who has directed music videos and made an unsuccessful bid for Congress in 2022, claimed that he previously lived in the same secured residential area as Fox in California. He stated on social media, referring to a widely circulated photo of Fox and her three sons with one dressed in girls’ clothes, “Our children used to play together at the park.”

“I observed two of them having a major meltdown, stating they were coerced by their mother to wear girls’ attire, while their nanny tried to comfort them,” he further noted. “It’s downright child exploitation. They need our prayers.”

To provide more background, Starbuck added in another post, “This incident occurred about five years ago when they were much younger than in the current picture. Another witness, along with the nanny, was present when this happened. Initially, one child started it, and then the second one followed. The third child was not a part of it.”

He continued, expressing his disappointment in the Californian authorities’ inaction due to Fox’s celebrity status and the state’s tolerance for such behavior.

He admitted, “I never publicly discussed this matter earlier because the children were quite young then, and I hoped it would cease as they seemed to prefer ‘boys’ clothes.’ Shortly after the incident, we relocated to Tennessee. This week, I saw the circulated photo of the boys online,” he further added.

Fox retaliated to these accusations on her Instagram account. “Listen, @robbystarbuck, I’m reluctant to provide you with this spotlight as you clearly crave attention. However, let me educate you on something…” she started.

“No matter how desperately you chase wealth, power, fame, or success, refrain from exploiting children to earn social influence or bargaining power. Especially under false and malicious pretexts,” the actress proceeded.

She accused him of abusing her child’s gender identity to attract attention to his political endeavors, putting him at odds with the universal norms. She warned him, stating that she has survived many confrontations with insecure, narcissistic, and impotent men like him.

Her closing statement was, “You’ve messed with the wrong sorceress.”

Starbuck defended himself in a reply on Fox’s post: “Megan, I’m not running a political campaign. We used to be neighbors in the same private community in Calabasas. Our children used to play there. Ask your nanny; she was the one taking them to the park, not you.”

The influencer also offered to share evidence in support of his story. “We have pictures of our children playing together because it was a routine affair… An impartial adult observed this, and I have a text about the incident. You can direct message me, and I’ll share it privately with you.”

The actress also indirectly threatened Starbuck with witchcraft through her Instagram stories. Sharing a New York Post headline about a scantily-clad witch performing a “carrion-eating ritual,” she added a caption implying her presence outside Starbuck’s residence.

In response to Fox’s threats, Starbuck remained unshaken, stating he was protected by his faith in Jesus and thus unfazed by witchcraft.

Starbuck, known for directing music videos for famous artists such as Snoop Dogg, Megadeth, and Sarah Bareilles, also shared an old quote from Fox about her son not conforming to gender stereotypes. While Starbuck suggests the interview happened recently, it appears the quote is taken from a reprint of an older interview. In the article, Fox’s age is listed as 31, whereas she is currently 37.

In 2019, Fox argued that her son wearing dresses to school boosted his self-esteem. Her headlines in recent years also include various provocative acts with her fiancé, rapper-rocker Machine Gun Kelly, such as drinking each other’s blood and recreating a mockery of the Last Supper.

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