This Pit Bull Waited YEARS for Her Miracle…You Won’t Believe Her Touching Journey

The story of Scarlett, a one-eyed deaf pit bull, is truly heart-rending. She languished for over three years in a shelter, a duration that constitutes more than half her life. Yet, amidst this, her spirit shone, charming both the staff at the rescue center and its visitors. But, finding a forever home seemed elusive…

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Back in 2013, Scarlett was handed over to the shelter because her earlier owners couldn’t cover her medical expenses. Now, she’s blossomed into a healthy canine, although she’s less lively than her shelter peers. “While other dogs energetically welcome visitors, Scarlett, with her calm demeanor, often gets overlooked,” shared Kirstyn Northrop Cobb, the shelter manager, in a chat with The Dodo.

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Cobb’s heart ached seeing Scarlett’s prolonged stay at the shelter. “She’s not just any dog; she’s incredibly affectionate! She snugly fits right into your arms, showering you with her gentle kisses.” Cobb went on to describe how Scarlett’s heartwarming smile lights up the room whenever someone approaches her.

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The tale has a happy twist. Scarlett’s patience paid off. She has been adopted and now has a place she can truly call home.

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  • Scarlett, a one-eyed deaf pit bull, lived in a shelter for over half her life.

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  • She arrived at the shelter in 2013 when her previous owners struggled with her medical bills.

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  • Despite her subdued nature, Scarlett warmed the hearts of the rescue center’s staff.

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  • She’s now healthy but remains calm compared to her more lively counterparts.


  • The shelter manager adores Scarlett for her affectionate nature.


  • Bringing a joyous end to Scarlett’s waiting, she’s been adopted into a loving home.

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