Uncover the Shocking Truth Behind Big Lex’s Mysterious Secrets

Big Lex dialed 911 to report an assault by Joseline Hernandez, with a firm determination to seek justice through the arrest of her attacker rather than seeking immediate medical attention. TMZ has obtained the audio recording of the emergency call made by Lex on Sunday night, shortly after enduring a brutal beating backstage during Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition fight at the hands of Joseline. Throughout the call, Lex appears composed and collected, calmly providing the operator with the necessary information.

When asked by the dispatcher if she requires medical assistance for her injuries, Lex surprisingly declines, emphasizing her primary objective of filing a police report. She explicitly expresses her desire to have law enforcement present, revealing her hope for an arrest to be made. Lex informs the operator that she is currently at a nearby gas station, ready and willing to provide officers with all relevant details. Evidently, she provides the authorities with sufficient information to ultimately apprehend Joseline.

As previously reported, Joseline was subsequently taken into custody and charged with battery and trespassing. Her mug shot captures the apparent intensity of the chaotic night she had experienced.

The entire incident, including Joseline physically assaulting Big Lex and placing her in a headlock, was captured on camera. The violent altercation resulted in Lex being partially disrobed, and it took some time before the parties involved were separated.

It is worth noting that Lex was not the sole target of Joseline’s aggression that night. Numerous videos document Joseline’s attempts to attack other individuals, including adult males. The exact cause of the dramatic outburst remains unclear; however, it concluded in the manner desired by Lex, with Joseline Hernandez incarcerated.

Artical Source http://www.tmz.com

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