How to Unlock Bootloader on Realme Phones?

Are you looking for a simple process to unlock bootloader on Realme phones? If yes, kudos! You have come across the correct place where you will acquire a dedicated guide to achieve your goals without any problem.

Unlocking the bootloader settings is not tough as rooting your phone, but still, you will need a handful of software support. Besides this, you will different standalone apps that will eventually help us break the system-sealed features.

You didn’t require to go anywhere else to find those standalone apps, you will receive everything while following the walkthrough. So, worry not about anything.

Are you ready to unlock bootloader on Realme phones? Yeah! But before that let’s grasp what bootloaders actually do in the smartphone operating system.

What is Bootloader?

The bootloader is an essential program inside the operating system. It operates with bootstrap command whenever your handset initials the booting process. Usually, this process takes place when you turn on or restart the phone.

During that time, the system will check the BIOS configuration, if everything comes out fine, the system gives the green signal and start the interface. If something happens in the BIOS, the device will fall into the bootloop trap without any notice.

Why Unlock Bootloader on Realme Phones?

There’s no doubt that once you have unlocked the bootloader you are one step closer to acquiring rooting characteristics. Even if you don’t choose to reach as far as rooting the device, you will still receive impressive features that unlock the boot manager.

Besides this, you can install custom recovery that will aid in providing advanced backup and render different options to flash ROMs without much hassle.

While on the other hand, if you open the doors of the bootloader, the handset might face some hardship. So, let’s understand the pros and cons to avoid any hassle later.


After unlocking bootloaders is that you will come closer to getting the root privileges of your Android phone. Besides, you will also get a chance to install custom recovery.

You can try out different types of software, such as overclocking software, which can increase the processing power and provide a performance experience. Besides this, it will be also helpful in the remove bloatware apps.


When you unlock the bootloader settings, you will lose everything provided by phone makers. It includes warranty privileges, service assurance, and many more perks. The reason is simply unlocking those settings is against their policies.

Apart from this, some users face lags and overheating issues after applying changes to their smartphones. Also, if you aimlessly delete the system software, your handset might stuck in the bootloop, and the worst case becomes a complete brick.

How to Unlock Bootloader on Realme Phones?

In the next section, I have pointed out a way to unlock bootloader on Realme phones. Before heading to the step-by-step manual, I have also covered the pre-requirement checklist. If you didn’t want to face any issues, complete this checklist first.

Before You Start

  • Your phone battery should be charged more than 80%.
  • A USB cable will be required to connect your device to the PC.
  • Lastly, take a complete backup before starting the process.

Disclaimer: Droidmeguide is not responsible for any bricking or bootloop issue to your phone and you must take all the precautions to avoid damage.

Method to unlock bootloader on Realme Phones

I hope that you have taken a backup and completed the perquisites before starting the process. If you didn’t, we highly recommend doing it before getting started.

Step 1: Enable Developer Mode

  • First of all, you need to open the Settings App.
  • Following this, enter the About Phone section.
  • Tap on the Build Number a few times to access developer mode.
  • Now, search the developer mode in the search bar.
  • Inside that, permit OEM unlocking and USB debugging.

Step 2: Employ an In-depth App

  • Download and install the In-depth app on the Realme phone.
  • Open the in-depth app and click on the apply to exit in-depth text.
  • Following this, tick on the terms and policy to submit a request.
  • Wait for more than 15~20 minutes to complete the process.
  • Tap on query verification status, it will show a successful icon.
  • Now, start the in-depth test to put your device in fastboot mode.

Step 3: Connect PC and phone

  • After booting into fastboot mode, you need to connect both devices.
  • To do so, you will need the official USB cable to connect the phone and PC.
  • Inside the computer, make sure to extract the platform tools file.
  • Open the extract platform tools folder and type “cmd” in the address bar.

Step 4: Run fastboot commands

  • When you enter cmd, the command prompt will appear on the screen.
  • Apply the first command “fastboot devices” to check phone connectivity.
  • Next, you have to input “fastboot flashing unlock” to access the bootloader.
  • There will be two choices Yes/No. Press Volume Up to confirm and unlock the bootloader. Or if you didn’t want to unlock, click on Volume Down.
  • Lastly, restart your phone using the “fastboot reboot” command.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- How to relock the bootloader?

Ans. Yes, you can use the same software from which you unlocked the bootloader. On other hand, to relock bootloader, you will need to flash the stock firmware files.

Q- How to unlock bootloader on Realme phones without a PC?

Ans. You will need the bugjaeger ADB command app. With this setup, you can easily unlock the bootloader on Realme phones without requiring any computer support.

Q- What is bootloader mode?

Ans. A bootloader mode is a place where the system checks all files behind the scene. Besides this, you will different options from rebooting to wiping out the data.

Q- Will unlock bootloader erase data?

Ans. Yes, if you are unlocking the bootloader, there’s a high chance that system data will be erased. Therefore, we highly recommend taking a complete android backup.

Q- Can you root a phone with a locked bootloader?

Ans. Yes, you can root any phone with a locked bootloader. Only you need to install Kingroot app and simply just apply for root access without unlocking the bootloader.

Q- What is the OEM lock on Realme phone?

Ans. OEM lock makes the phone bootloader locked. But if you want to unlock the bootloader, you will require a dedicated walkthrough guide to perform the process.

Last thoughts:

That’s all you need to know about how to unlock bootloader on Realme phones. With this guide, you can easily unleash those settings without much hassle.

Despite all of the efforts, if you find yourself in a difficult situation. Don’t worry! We are here to help you. Tell us everything in the comments to solve the issue ASAP.

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