Watch : Desi Bhabhi Dances On Govinda Song In Saree, Sets The Internet On Fire With Her Moves

The power of Social Media is undeniable, often turning ordinary individuals into sensations overnight. Numerous individuals have captured hearts worldwide with their rhythmic grace showcased in viral dance videos.

Recently, a video from an event in India has caught the public’s attention. It displays a woman gracefully dancing in a saree to the hit song ‘Kisi Disco Mei Jaye’ by the legendary Govinda.

Hem Lata, the Instagram influencer, shared this delightful moment on her profile. The video captures a lady draped in a vibrant pink saree, dancing passionately as if she’s lost in the moment alongside her dance partner.


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Her lively dance moves, combined with her spot-on expressions, have indeed struck a chord with internet users. Witness the captivating performance for yourself –

The video was aptly captioned, “Gaurav & Hema❤️ Chalo ishq ladaye Hum”, and has already garnered over 600,000 likes on Instagram, accompanied by a flurry of comments.

Among the flood of reactions, one user expressed, “Truly embracing every moment of life.”


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Another commented, “Such a refreshing duo!”

Yet another message read, “A beautiful memory captured.”

Previously, Hem Lata had shared another dance clip that took the internet by storm. In that video, she danced to the catchy number ‘Mere Husband Mujhko Piyar Nahin Karte’ by Sunil Grover from 2017. That performance too had netizens showering her with admiration for her infectious energy and adorable expressions.

Looks like social media has found its next dancing sensation!

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