Watch This Pregnant Street Dog’s Heartwarming Reaction When She’s Finally Rescued

“Tears rolled down from Poppy’s eyes – a sight I had never seen in a dog before.”

Several days ago, Jacks Anderson and her spouse decided to have a meal at a local chicken outlet, only to find themselves being silently observed.

A dark-furred pitbull named Poppy sat curiously beneath the stools of the dining counter, keeping her gaze fixated on the duo.

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“She observed us intently, yet she maintained her distance without showing any signs of wanting our food,” Anderson recalled to The Dodo. “The eatery staff approached her, ushering her further down the pathway. She looked frightened and soon vanished from our sight.”

Post their meal, on their route home, the couple stumbled upon Poppy again. They couldn’t help but notice her protruding belly, indicating her pregnancy. They felt a compelling urge to assist her.

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“We approached her with some leftover food. She seemed hesitant initially. Her visible scars might be a reason for her apprehensiveness,” Anderson shared.

With patience and gentle persuasion, the pair won Poppy’s trust, succeeding in feeding her by hand. That became their cue to carefully lift her and secure her in their vehicle.

The sense of being in a secure environment washed over Poppy.

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“We took a moment to let her settle. She appeared calmer than expected,” Anderson expressed. “I was capturing my wife consoling Poppy when I noticed her tear-filled eyes. That sight deeply touched my heart.”

The couple swiftly drove her to their trusted veterinarian. Following a thorough check-up and treatment for minor issues like fleas and worms, Poppy was declared relatively healthy. The vet handed her back to the couple’s nurturing care.

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“Initially, Poppy just relished the undivided attention we gave her,” said Anderson. “She mostly rested but warmed up to our couch instantly. Recently, she’s shown signs of vitality, mingling with our other pets and playfully tailing me.”

Poppy thrives on affection, always eager to bask in the love showered on her.

“She’s the kind that cherishes every ounce of affection,” Anderson lovingly noted.

They believe Poppy will embrace motherhood with the same warmth and affection.

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Upon their encounter, Jacks and her spouse intended to be temporary caregivers for Poppy. However, with every passing day, her endearing nature ensured she became an inseparable part of their household. Poppy’s seamless integration with the couple’s other rescued canines further solidified her place.

“We might have faltered in our initial goal of fostering, but there are certainly less rewarding things to falter at,” Anderson remarked with a chuckle.

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While plans are in place for Poppy’s future puppies to find their forever homes once they come of age, Poppy’s wandering days are behind her.

“Poppy’s here to stay,” declared Anderson. “Every day, we’re getting to understand her better, fortifying our bond. After all she’s been through, it’s only fair she gets to enjoy a tranquil life.”

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