What Happened When These Puppies Met a Cobra in a Pit Will Leave You Shocked

Tales from the animal kingdom never cease to astonish us, especially when they involve potentially perilous creatures showcasing unexpected behavior.

At Bright Corner, we’re constantly reminded of the deep emotional depth and surprising reactions animals of all types can exhibit.

This tale unfolds in the region of Punjab, India. Tragically, two young pups found themselves at the bottom of a deep well, unable to climb out. Their absence wasn’t unnoticed for long, as their mother’s desperate and continuous barking soon drew attention.


When their owner peered into the well, his heart nearly stopped. There, right next to his pups, lay a majestic king cobra. But, instead of showing any signs of aggression, the snake seemed to be shielding the pups from the well’s wet and slippery edges. The pups and the snake shared this unlikely companionship for two whole days. Upon the arrival of rescuers, the cobra slithered to the opposite side, allowing a safe rescue. Miraculously, the pups were unharmed. As for the cobra, it was gently relocated to a nearby forest.

This incident serves as a heartwarming reminder that even nature’s most formidable beings can recognize and respond to another creature in distress.

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