What’s Leonardo DiCaprio hiding under his shirt? You won’t believe his jaw-dropping muscles

On a recent sunny Sunday, the famed actor Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted basking in the sunlight aboard a luxurious yacht on the breathtaking Amalfi Coast, accompanied by an unidentified woman.

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At 48, DiCaprio, a recognized powerhouse in Hollywood, spent the day alongside his 79-year-old father, George, and his seldom seen stepmother, Peggy Farrar, in a family gathering.

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Leonardo seized the chance to enhance his suntan by shedding his shirt, revealing a well-built and muscular physique. He sported blue swimming shorts and a gold chain prior to making a spirited leap from the yacht into the azure sea.

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Following their seafaring escapades, the group disembarked from their yacht to embark on a trip to the renowned Blue Grotto Sea cave in Capri.

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This Italian sojourn comes just after DiCaprio was spotted spending time with 28-year-old supermodel, Gigi Hadid, during an evening outing in London, accompanied by his father and stepmother.

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Both DiCaprio and Hadid were sighted as they arrived at the popular Chiltern Firehouse in London, marking their second consecutive night out in the city after a previous dinner at China Tang with Leo’s parents. Despite rumors of their relationship cooling down earlier in February, the duo have been seen together frequently in May, suggesting they might be reconnecting.

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DiCaprio shares a profound bond with his father, George, who separated from his mother soon after his birth and married Peggy Farrar two decades later, in 1995.

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Despite financial challenges during Leo’s early years, George made a living as an asbestos and fireproof roofing installer before venturing into entrepreneurship with a waterbed business, Foggy Bottom.

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George also gained a reputation in the underground comic scene, working as a writer, editor, and distributor. He played a crucial role in guiding Leonardo in the initial stages of his acting career.

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While Leonardo has achieved fame as an acclaimed Hollywood actor, his father made a brief entrance into the film industry with a minor role in Paul Thomas Anderson’s 70s-era comedy, Licorice Pizza.

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Playing a wig shop owner cum waterbed salesman, George’s character persuaded the film’s lead, portrayed by the late Philip Seymour Hoffman’s son, Cooper, to establish his own waterbed venture.

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In other news, Leonardo was recently reported to be spending time with close friend and renowned supermodel, Irina Shayk.

DiCaprio and the 37-year-old Russian model, who shares a child with actor Bradley Cooper, attended Naomi Campbell’s birthday celebration at the Cannes Film Festival. Shayk was also present at the premiere of Leonardo’s latest film, Killers of Flower Moon.


Despite being long-time acquaintances and their shared appearance at Coachella this spring, the pair maintains they are ‘just friends’. At 37, Shayk is somewhat older than Leonardo’s typical companions, as the actor is commonly associated with women aged 25 and below.

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