Wiley, the Dalmatian with the heart on his nose, would want to say hello.

Daily wonders performed by nature, such as frost on glass or animals being given patterns, never cease to astound us.

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We’re about to tell you a story about a cute Dalmatian that immediately grabs your attention since it seems like its nose was designed for kissing.

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Wiley the Dalmatian is attracting admirers left and right despite receiving more kisses from his owner because he was not born with the typical black spots found on Dalmatians.

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He is one of the most well-liked canines because of the heart on his snout. Many people are following him since it’s impossible not to smile when you see this puppy.

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Wiley’s owner, Lexi Smith, claims that she purchased the Dalmatian from a breeder. After discussing Wiley’s preferences, Lexi felt a connection with the puppy.

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Lexi continues by claiming that Wiley shares her love of food, sleep, and cuddling; as a result, the two of them have developed a rapport. The heart on Wiley’s nose made him the internet’s most popular celebrity, and people enjoyed reading about his fascinating life.

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Since the dog has grown to be Lexi’s greatest buddy, she spends the most of her time with him and often uploads photos to their Instagram account for their fans. The dog who wears his heart on his nose has captured the hearts of millions of people all around the world, unlike many others who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

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