You Won’t Believe How Dylan Sprouse Proposed to Barbara Palvin

Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin are all set to tie the knot! After weeks of conjecture, the lovebirds have finally affirmed their engagement in a conversation with V magazine, issued on June 15. Engagement whispers began in March when Palvin, a 29-year-old supermodel, was noticed adorning a dazzling diamond ring on her ring finger at the Mammoth Film Festival, as per images acquired by J-14. During the interview, Sprouse and Palvin disclosed that they were secretly engaged as early as September 2022, with Sprouse having held onto the ring for seven months before proposing.

Sprouse expressed their preference for privacy regarding their engagement, stating, “We didn’t feel an urgent obligation to share that part of our journey with the public.” Palvin concurred, adding, “We wanted this to unfold at our pace. When the news of our engagement was prematurely disclosed, our PR team suggested various public responses. That irritated me since we were nurturing our own narrative. Hence, I am thrilled we managed to do things in our way.”

Entertainment Tonight initially reported the rumored engagement in March, with an insider sharing with the outlet, “They’ve been proudly displaying her ring and are overjoyed. They are always deeply enamored and inseparable, but they are noticeably happier now. They are eager to embark on this exciting new phase of their lives together.”

Sprouse, aged 30, and Palvin officially began their love story in June 2018, however, it wasn’t until two months later on Sprouse’s 26th birthday that Palvin publicly acknowledged their relationship via Instagram. Recalling their encounter, Palvin told W magazine, “He made the first move by messaging me.” Sprouse chimed in, “Seeing her follow me, I thought, why not engage her? So, I initiated a conversation. I was like, ‘Hi, not sure how long you’re in New York, but if you’re up for it, we could meet. Here’s my number.’ And then she left me hanging for six months.” Throughout their nearly half a decade long relationship, Sprouse and Palvin have shared numerous endearing moments, from glamorous red-carpet appearances to globetrotting escapades.

While the couple awaits their wedding, Sprouse shared his views on marriage with V, saying, “Our generation perceives marriage quite differently compared to the previous one. In my view, marriage symbolizes an eternal promise of love and companionship.” He added, “I am anxious about the ceremony, particularly the first dance. The idea of a rehearsed dance makes me nervous.”

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