You Won’t Believe the Fame of This Russian Maine Coon Cat! See Kefir’s Stunning Photos

Picture a plushy giant settling on your chest, tipping the scales at 12.5 kg! That’s not a dream for the owner of this majestic feline—it’s her daily life. As Russia grappled with lockdowns in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Yulia Minina, a 34-year-old from Stary Oskol in the Belgorod Region (495 km away from Moscow), thought of adding a little excitement to their household. With the unanimous agreement of her two daughters and husband, they began their search for a kitten.

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“We’ve never owned cats before. While browsing a nearby breeder’s adverts, a singular, snowy kitten caught our eyes. I was instantly smitten,” Yulia fondly remembers.

Yet, when the time came to collect the kitten, reality didn’t match the image she’d seen.

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“Who would have imagined that the little one, not as captivating in person, would blossom into such an imposing, fluffy spectacle?” pondered Minina.

It was her daughters who aptly named the cat Kefir. Initially slender, Kefir soon developed a hearty appetite and an unquenchable zest for play, frequently showcasing his acrobatic skills around their home.

“We shifted to a larger house last year. Earlier, we were in a more cramped space, and our athletic Kefir often knocked things around, especially our potted plants. Thankfully, he’s now got the space he needs,” Minina reflects.

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Kefir’s growth was nothing short of astonishing. In just a year, his size had tripled, with his ear and tail tufts notably more pronounced. At just under two years, he’s already a hefty 12.5 kg (27.5 lbs.).

“He’s uncannily human in his mannerisms. Highly intelligent, he even has a dedicated chair at our dining table,” Minina notes, describing Kefir’s unique personality.

Although Maine Coons aren’t very vocal, Kefir occasionally lets out a soft meow.

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“He has a habit of sleeping on me. As a kitten, it was endearing, but now, his weight sometimes catches me off guard in the dead of night,” she chuckles.

Yulia remains puzzled over her cat’s sudden internet stardom. After sharing a couple of his photos on Instagram, they rapidly gained traction on various international platforms, including Reddit. A particular snap of Kefir earned a staggering 18,000 likes on Reddit, igniting lively debates about his genuine size and distinctive expression.

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Some playful comments read, “That has to be a Siberian Lynx, one that thrives on vodka and seeks out the undeserving!”

Many are skeptical about Kefir’s authenticity, wondering if digital manipulation is at play.

“Some even want to purchase him, but that’s out of the question. Kefir is family. Instead, we might just treat everyone to more of his photographs,” Minina concludes.

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