You Won’t Believe What Henry Cavill Did to Impress the 007 Director

“An Incredible James Bond Audition by Henry Cavill”, says Martin Campbell, the director of Casino Royale.

The Express recently interviewed Campbell, who shared previously undisclosed insights about Cavill’s 007 screen test.

In his words, “Cavill was extraordinary in his audition. His performance was compelling. If Daniel hadn’t been in the picture, Henry could have been a perfect Bond. He was in top-notch physical condition, strikingly handsome, and impeccably chiseled. However, he seemed a bit too young back then.”

It’s well-known that Cavill narrowly missed being cast as 007 in the 2006 blockbuster, Casino Royale, a role which was eventually bagged by Daniel Craig. Campbell believes Cavill just missed his chance to portray the legendary British agent. Cavill was only 23 at the time, which would have made him the youngest ever Bond.

“I’ve heard that it ultimately came down to Daniel and me, with me being the younger option,” Cavill confessed in a conversation with Josh Horowitz. “They decided on Daniel, a choice I believe was excellent. Perhaps, I was not prepared at that time and Daniel did a splendid job in the following movies. I’m glad they made that choice.”

The hunt is currently on for the successor to Daniel Craig as 007 after he concluded his tenure with No Time to Die. Could this be Cavill’s opportunity? “When Daniel finished [No Time To Die], he was at an age where doing one more would have been a stretch,” explained Campbell. “I think actors commit to three Bonds, though I’m not entirely sure. I remember Pierce [Brosnan] signing for three when we worked with him. This requires about six years of one’s life, I think Daniel had the same arrangement. The new actor would also have to commit similarly.

“Considering Henry is now 40, he would be 50 by the end of the third Bond movie. Given that each Bond movie takes two, three years, that’s quite a commitment. But Henry’s in great shape, and he’s a fantastic person. He did impressively in the audition, although ironically, he was deemed too young at the time.”

Rumors suggest that the upcoming Bond film will present a “total revamp” of the franchise, with producers reportedly seeking a younger actor, preferably in their 30s.

The Casino Royale review by IGN rated it 9/10, stating, “The essence of Fleming’s narrative was Bond understanding his role in the world after enduring physical torment and subsequently confronting an even more significant threat. In simple terms, James Bond regains his courage, a quality this 44-year-old franchise has lacked for quite some time now.”

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