You won’t believe what Kaley Cuoco did to surprise her boyfriend on Father’s Day

Kaley Cuoco appreciates her significant other, Tom Pelphrey, as they commemorate their inaugural Father’s Day following the birth of their child.

“💙An exuberant first Father’s Day to the most cherished individual in Tildy’s life, @tommypelphrey! Observing your transformation into a father has been the epitome of happiness in my existence,” expressed the Flight Attendant actress, aged 37, through an Instagram post on Sunday, June 18. In the post, she included an array of pictures featuring Pelphrey, 40, and their infant daughter Matilda, aged 2 months. “No individual is more adored by that tiny girl than you (other than myself).”

She appended, “We 💙 you eternally and are appreciative of everything you contribute to our household! Also, to my father! The most phenomenal father and grandfather in the world! Matilda is an incredibly fortunate little nugget!”

The duo, Cuoco and Pelphrey, made a public announcement in October 2022, several months after revealing their romantic relationship, that they were anticipating their first child. Their daughter Matilda Carmine Richie made her entrance into the world on March 30.

“Both of them are utterly captivated by Matilda,” a close confidant revealed to Us Weekly in the previous month. “They maintain a common album for their loved ones where they upload images daily, flaunting her development. Kaley is particularly fond of serenading Matilda, who reciprocates her love for music by grooving and bobbing her head.”


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Pelphrey has equally embraced his newfound status as a proud father to Matilda, or “Tildy,” as they affectionately refer to her.

“It’s a surreal experience. I was brimming with anticipation and while you have an inkling about the feelings it may evoke, and how wonderful it could be,” the former Ozark actor excitedly admitted to E! News in April. “Nothing matches up to the actual sentiment. It’s mind-boggling. … All I wish is to remain home with Kaley and the infant, never venturing out. It’s miraculous. We’re overjoyed.”

Cuoco, who was previously wed to Ryan Sweeting from 2013 until 2015 and then to Karl Cook from 2018 until 2021, initiated a relationship with Pelphrey post her divorce with Cook, 32, an introduction made by their shared talent manager.

“I was engaged in promoting Flight Attendant with our mutual manager, when she inquired if I was interested in accompanying her to the Ozark premiere,” reminisced the former 8 Simple Rules star during her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in September 2022. “I was all decked out and just standing around when I overheard this voice — it was Tom — and he asked, ‘Where’s this Kaley?’ It was, indeed, love at first sight.”

As the couple continues to deepen their bond and nurture Matilda, they are already envisaging their future.

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“Without a doubt, they are planning for another child eventually; it’s just a matter of timing,” a second source shared with Us earlier this month. “For the moment, Kaley is treasuring her moments with Matilda and expressing gratitude for the opportunity to raise this delightful child.”

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