You Won’t Believe What This Woman Did For a Freezing Dog Outside

“While many just walked by remarking on his cuteness and warmth, the true story behind it was even more touching.” 🐾❤️

While awaiting her bus at Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Kristina Hollie and a colleague observed a delightful canine accompanying his owner on errands. As the woman was about to enter the post office – a no-dogs-allowed zone – she secured her furry friend to a nearby tree. But it was what she did next that truly tugged at the heartstrings of bystanders.

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“The chill in the air was hard to ignore, and I could see the little dog quivering from the cold,” shared Hollie with The Dodo. “The owner too saw it, and without hesitation, she took off her own jacket and wrapped it around the dog. To ensure it stayed put, she even zipped it up for him!”

Throughout this heartwarming scene, the little dog stayed perfectly still, seemingly appreciating his newfound warmth. It was evident that if allowed, the owner would have preferred to have her canine companion inside with her. But in lieu of that, she ensured he felt loved and warm.

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“After she draped her jacket around him and walked by me, I couldn’t help but compliment her kind gesture,” Hollie remarked. “She simply responded with, ‘Thanks! I couldn’t bear to see him cold.’”

Dressed in his impromptu outfit, the little dog became an instant attraction. Passersby couldn’t help but pause for a moment, snap a photo, or commend the snugly dressed canine.

“I watched multiple individuals pause in their tracks to appreciate him, mentioning how toasty and endearing he looked,” recalled Hollie.

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Time ticked on, and Hollie’s bus pulled into view. As she stepped on, she stole one last glance at the snugly wrapped dog, sitting proud and warm, a testament to an owner’s profound love, willing to prioritize her pet’s comfort over her own.

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